Break bulk

city mapBreak bulk cargo is non containerized and is usually transported as individual pieces due to cargo often being oversized and overweight meaning freight containers cannot accommodate the cargo. Break bulk cargo handling is the method used since the earliest days of shipping. Break bulk cargo is cargo that may be affixed to a pallet. Many specialist break bulk vessels come fitted with heavy lift cranes which can manage the heaviest of cargo safely and quicker than dockside cranes, this can speed up the process of loading/unloading and reduce costs for the shipments. We can provide you with the break bulk services that you need including sorting, skidding, shrink wrapping, inventory control and storage.

Service Highlights:
Dismantling services Efficient tally & supervision of cargo Endless schedule
Lashing and latching services Handling of cargo damage and claims RoRo Services
Yard to drayage services Cost efficient handling solutions    
Alongside vessel loading services Break bulk vessel arrangements    

We operate charter services as agents to ship owners for a specified period both for own cargo or for cargo owners.

Our Chartering services add value to client consignments by:
Scanning the market to generate the ideal match between cargo and vessel
Offering charters on basis of voyage, period and C.O.A.
Monitoring the vessel for compliance to charter party requirements
Handling full post-fixture and account tracking